Pictured above – Title “fuck you, pay me.” There is no explanation with this painting. I paint what I’m feeling & express myself through my art. Is it cryptic? maybe. You be the judge of that.


As a self-taught Artist, looking back at my younger years, I often kick myself for allowing outside sources to dictate the path I chose in life and in college. I see so many young talented people so far ahead of the game, where myself, being 30 am only now becoming more comfortable in my creative ways & with little to no connections in the industry.

I love social media outlets, like Instagram because of how raw & unapologetic some artists are. But there is one sentiment among most of them that I can relate with the most. The sense that you have to “sell-out” as a creative & only stick to one theme, one niche & create content that is “perfect” in order to not only attract your followers but KEEP your followers. No longer is it enough to just be a good artist, you have to hustle your way through social media in order to just be seen. Do you create good art? Take good pictures? have you chosen your target audience? Do you have the perfect line-up of hashtags? Are you posting at the right times in order to actually be seen by your target audience? Are you giving your shit away to attract followers? Do you post enough, or too little? do all of the above & more to crack the algorithm of IG…Exhausting, its it…

Is it worth the effort? Yes & no. My emotions get the better of me when I don’t get exactly what I want in the short time frame that I expect it to happen. But, will I give up because of this? Hell no. Nothin about the choice to be an Artist has been easy. Too many don’t take what I have been doing seriously. As if a professional dog shit scooper would be a more respectible carrier choice…maybe for them, but definitely not for me. I will never sell-out, bow-out, or throw my hands up because “someone” doesn’t appreciate what I do. I don’t do it for anyone but, myself.

Does it feel good to feed your ego & hear that people love what you do? YES it does! but don’t let that be the reason why you’re doing it because it won’t fuel you. You need to fulfill that all on your own.

Go out & do what you love, unapologetically & never under any circumstances sell yourself short.

-Noël Marie

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