Happy New Year!



Wow!! What an amazing year 2018 was! Its hard to believe that we are already talking about a New year. It feels like just yesterday it was 2015 and I was embarking on this whole new journey of being a business owner and being my own boss.

With each year that has passed, especially this last one, I can confidently say, that there is no end in site and the sky is the limit. The greatest achievement of mine to date is not a monetary one – Don’t get me wrong, its always a blessing to be able to make money doing what you love to do and have fun doing – but in my opinion, no amount of money could buy confidence and no amount of practice could give you the raw talent and edge over the competition, which is what I am most grateful for.

The confidence to say that I know my value as an Artist and business woman – owing it all to my natural born abilities and talent, all while remaining humble and true to myself and my core values as a creator – because I truly believe that every Artist including myself, no matter how talented is ever evolving and always searching for further self discovery.

So with that being said, just like everyone else, I too have many goals for this coming year. My greatest challenge and obstacle is putting myself out there as an artist and making wholesome connections with other like minded individuals and creatives. Being a mom of 4 little ones doesn’t offer me the flexibility and social life that single artists and creators posses. I see this as the only thing that is not necessarily holding me back, but just giving others a little more of an edge over me – and my competitive nature isn’t at ease with this notion – Social media really has helped a lot in this arena but I am an old soul and I just love the idea of people physically being able to see and connect with my artwork as well as meeting and speaking to other Artists and collectors who appreciate the same qualities of human interaction as I do.

Finally stepping completely out of my shell – getting myself into galleries or opening my own and really start pushing the creative envelope with the commissions and projects I tackle – Those are my goals!!

So heres to a wonderful, exciting, successful New Year!! Cheers and wishing you all the best!

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Noel Marie